Welcome To Quality Rockers

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QualityRockers.com is a one man custom furniture shop where some of the most beautiful, comfortable and durable heirloom quality rocking chairs are made, one at a time. Each customer’s needs are fully addressed throughout the process of selection, construction and ownership. A level of customer and quality dedication only possible in a one-on-one small shop environment.As a result, every customer’s chair is a unique piece of functional art.


Using only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods, often highly figured and rare, each piece of wood is selected for placement based on color, grain and figuring. Each is then hand sculpted into the adjacent piece.  Like pieces are used to mirror the opposing side. This painstaking process takes over 80 hours to complete and results in a finished product that is extremely strong and comfortable. A heirloom quality rocking chair with over 100 individual pieces of wood, lovingly shaped into one continuous flowing piece of balanced symmetry.
I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the site.  If you would like more information send me an email.